May 5, 2020 (Tuesday)

First 5 Poems!

First, CHECK YOUR EMAIL–did you get something on Monday from the College Board about how to take a practice exam?

  • If you did not, PLEASE let me know.
  • If you are not interested in taking the AP Exam a week from Wednesday, May 13, then just ignore it.
  • If you did get the email and plan to take the test next week, FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS that the College Board has sent. You need to figure out your technology, etc. This is all on you. Nothing we can do on our side.
  • IF you have bad internet connections and would like to take the exam in an empty classroom at the school, let me know ASAP!

Here’s a super helpful YouTube guide they just released Monday, describing all of the information you need to take the exam:

Second, in the past I told you that I’d let you know this week if I think you have a chance at passing the AP Exam or not. If you want my honest opinion, send me an email entitled, “Do you think I have a chance at passing the AP Lit Exam?” and I’ll email you my response.

You can still choose to take the test or not, but if you’re on the fence deciding, I will give you my feedback.

POETRY WEEK! Here’s the link to the poems again. Remember, we are NOT analyzing the first one (that was your Mother’s Day reminder) but the ones after it.

Today during our Zoom Meeting we’ll read through the FIRST FIVE POEMS and get your impressions on them briefly. Then on Thursday’s Zoom Meeting we’ll do the LAST FIVE POEMS and also get your impressions on those. I will try to record and post those meetings here on the website. (done)

ASSIGNMENT: Complete this handout to analyze the poems. This is not the in-depth analyses I was requiring before, but more of an exploratory analysis for you. What appeals to you and why? What doesn’t appeal and why? This analysis of the TEN POEMS will be due Friday, May 8.


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