May 14, 2020 (Thursday)

EXAM IS OVERRRR!!!! And “What I learned this year” collaborative project

I’m getting back reports that the exam was “not that bad” and the reading passage was “probably the best I’ve read” and that “I pretty much knew what to do” so that is GREAT NEWS!

Zoom Meeting today! And you can spend a few minutes sharing reactions to the exam. (By the way, I’ll be sent all of your essays later.)

We lose our seniors tomorrow–Friday is their last day–so today I wanted to do a collaborative writing project. PLEASE be here because I want everyone’s responses for this. It’ll be more clear when we do it.

Collectively we reflected on what we would have told our past selves about this semester, and what we’ve learned. WATCH this recording to see what we came up with in Period 1: (I’m going to record and post Period 4 as well.)


Here’s PERIOD 4’s discussion:


HOMEWORK: Nothing until next week, when those who remain will learn about Vogon poetry. Until then, get caught up in your other classes and have a marvelous weekend.

NEXT ZOOM MEETING: Tuesday, May 19.


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