May 21, 2020 (Thursday)


What did you do?! Hopefully you wrote me some awful stuff and turned it in BEFORE CLASS THURSDAY.

On our Zoom Meeting I’ll attempt to read your bad poetry.

Period 1 (I read a couple of Period 4’s in here as well):

Period 4 class WITH ADDITIONAL POEMS! (Since some new ones came in between the classes):

ASSIGNMENT: Get caught up! Some of you are behind, so this is your opportunity to get caught up and a decent grade before the end of the semester. Those of you who are caught up, you are done!

Thank you all for a fantastic semester. I’m so sorry you got the “lite” version of the class. There was so, so much more I wanted to share with you. But I’m hoping you got enough. We did the best we could.

ALL of you have improved so much in your writing. Essays are stronger, tighter, more to the point, and far more packed with information than they used to be. The fluff is gone, and I’m so pleased. KEEP WRITING LIKE THIS! Do not let fluff enter back in, and you’ll write great stuff for the rest of your high school experience and on into college.

You guys have been great. I’m going to miss all of you immensely. Have awesome lives, and know that someday I will track you down again. (Take that how you will.)


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